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"You seem like a whole different person," one of my dearest coworkers told me today. The anxiety of preparing for the memorial was getting to be so much that even the barber noticed it. "Don't worry," he kept telling me. Of course, it was my first professional haircut in just shy of thirty years so I probably would've radiated some nervousness in any case.

But everything went well--despite the screwups in timing. One was my fault: I didn't prepare enough the night before so when [ profile] bunj arrived to take me over we had to first pack everything up. The consequences of this were, one, that I didn't get to leisurely greet the guests (which was disappointing because several of them had to leave early) and, two, that I had a few too many cooks helping me setup. The other screwup was on the part of the event coordinator, who told the kitchen to have the food ready at 2 p.m. when I'd asked for it at 1:30. Again, no real harm done: they humped and had almost everything out by about quarter to.

My speech went over even better than expected. It still felt rambly to me, but no one else seemed to notice. I thought the two mutual friends who followed up were terrific, each in his own way. The real measure of our success was the chatter afterwards. Several times I took a moment from working the tables to gaze out on the room and enjoy the sight of friends connecting and reconnecting. It feels presumptuous to say--as some did--that [ profile] monshu would've been proud, but he would have enjoyed being there.

I felt most in tune with him when I woke up about four a.m. and couldn't fall back to sleep. I'd been so low-energy I hardly made it through OGI's birthday party afterwards and I got to bed at a reasonable hour, but I lay there savouring the pleasure of a successful event so thoroughly that I even began planning the next one (I'm 50 in three years, after all) and it reminded me of the Old Man getting his second wind after an evening entertaining friends. He did so take pleasure in that.
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