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The Epic Heels of Zombie Peepshow

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Posted by Jill Harness

Some women like functional flats and some prefer fancy heels, but it takes a special kind of girl to appreciate the wildly over-the-top heels made by Etsy seller Zombie Peepshow.

As you may have guessed from the name, most of the shoes in the shop have a dark twist in them like the Disney shoes up top, but there are plenty that aren't creepy, like these mermaid heels.

But if the shoes aren't horror-inspired, they instead are delightfully geeky -like this set with dinosaurs on the heels.

And like practically every seller who creates geeky stuff on Etsy, there are, of course, the obligatory and awesome Star Wars creations.

So check out the full Zombie Peepshow inventory over at Etsy.

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NEW YORK (AP) -- Toys 'R' Us, the big box toy retailer struggling with $5 billion in debt and intense online competition, has filed for bankruptcy protection ahead of the key holiday shopping season - and says its stores will remain open for business as usual....
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ROSEAU, Dominica (AP) -- Hurricane Maria pounded the small island of Dominica with catastrophic winds overnight, starting a charge into the eastern Caribbean that threatens islands already devastated by Hurricane Irma and holds the possibility of a direct hit on Puerto Rico....
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THESSALONIKI, Greece (AP) -- A lawyer in Greece for Russian cybercrime suspect Alexander Vinnik, wanted in the United States in a bitcoin fraud case worth more than $4 billion, says Russia wants to extradite him as well....
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Skunk Research Review

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Posted by Miss Cellania

The following is an article from The Annals of Improbable Research, now in all-pdf form. Get a subscription now for only $25 a year!

Salient points from research on or about skunks
by Alice Shirrell Kaswell, Improbable Research staff

History of Skunk Defensive Secretion Research
The History of Skunk Defensive Secretion Research,” William F. Wood, The Chemical Educator, vol. 4, 1999, pp. 44–50. The author, at Humboldt State University in Arcata, California, explains:

The striped skunk (Mephitis mephitis) is widely known for the highly odoriferous defensive secretion it uses to repel predators. Chemists have sporadically investigated the chemical composition of this secretion for many years. In this research, a number of chemicals have been incorrectly attributed to this secretion and the errors incorporated into the chemical literature. The major component in skunk spray was erroneously believed to be 1-butanethiol, until it was later shown that the actual compound was (E)-2-butene-1-thiol. More recently, two studies identified the third major compound in the secretion as either (E)-2-butenyl methyl disulfide or (E)- 2-butenyl propyl sulfide. These structural assignments were incorrect and the compound was later shown to be (E)-2-butenyl thioacetate.

Folklore asserts that tomato juice will neutralize the odor of skunk spray, but human olfactory fatigue can explain the apparent disappearance of the odor on sprayed pets. The odoriferous thiols in skunk spray can easily be neutralized by oxidation to sulfonic acids.

Details from Wood’s study “The History of Skunk Defensive Secretion Research.”

Skunk Spray Maliciously Deployed
“GC/MS Based Identification of Skunk Spray Maliciously Deployed as ‘Biological Weapon’ to Harm Civilians,” Robert Wennig, Serge Schneider, and François Meys, Journal of Chromatography B, vol. 878, nos. 17–18, May 15, 2010, pp. 1433–16. The authors, at the Université du Luxembourg, report:

Our laboratory has been asked to elucidate the origin of a strong “toxic smell” present in a prominent politician’s office, private house and motorcar. This stinky and pungent atmosphere has caused serious nausea and vomiting to several individuals....

A literature review and manual MS spectra interpretation allowed us to identify compounds identical to those produced by skunks for their defence....

The present study shows that compounds produced by skunks may be used in “chemical/biological threats” to generate psychological stress because of their repugnant smell. However, these compounds are otherwise relatively harmless when present at low concentrations. In our case the repugnant smell lasted for several days. During this period nobody could enter the office or home of the politician. No health sequels were observed for any of the persons implicated in this incident. As far as we know the offender(s) of this incident has (have) never been identified.

The Scent of the Striped Skunk
“Some Chemical Constituents of the Scent of the Striped Skunk (Mephitis mephitis),” Kenneth K. Andersen and David T. Bernstein, Journal of Chemical Ecology, vol. 1, no. 4, 1975, pp. 493–9, DOI 10.1007/BF00988589. The authors explain that:

The malodorous, volatile portion of the scent or musk of the striped skunk (Mephitis mephitis) contains trans-2-butene-1-thiol, 3-methyl-1-butanethiol, and trans-2-butenyl methyl disulfide but no 1-butanethiol.

The Spray of the Spotted Skunk
Volatile Components in Defensive Spray of the Spotted Skunk, Spilogale putorius,” William F. Wood, Christopher G. Morgan, and Alison Miller, Journal of Chemical Ecology, vol. 17, no. 7, 1991, pp. 1415–20. The authors report:

GC-MS analysis of the anal sac secretion from the spotted skunk, Spilogale putorius, showed three major volatile components: (E)-2-butene- l-thiot, 3-methyll-butanethiol, and 2-phenylethanethiol. Minor volatile components identified from this secretion were: phenylmethanethiol, 2-meth- ylquinoline, 2-quinolinemethanethiol, bis[(E)-2-butenyl] disulfide, (E)-2- butenyl 3-methylbutyl disulfide, bis(3-methylbutyl) disulfide.

The Spray of the Hog-nosed Skunk
“Volatile Components in Defensive Spray of the Hognosed Skunk, Conepatus mesoleucus,” William F. Wood, Christoph O. Fisher, and Gary A. Graham, Journal of Chemical Ecology, vol. 19, no. 4, 1993, pp. 837–41. The authors report:

GC-MS analysis of the anal sac secretion from the hog-nosed skunk, Conepatus mesoleucus, showed two major volatile components, (E)-2-butene-1- thiol and (E)-S-2-butenyl thioacetate.

The Spray of the Hooded Skunk
“Volatile Components in Defensive Spray of the Hooded Skunk, Mephitis macroura,” William F. Wood, Brian G. Sollers, Gwen A. Dragoo, and Jerry W. Dragoo, Journal of Chemical Ecology, vol. 28, no. 9, September 2002, pp. 1865–70. The authors report:

GC-MS analysis of the anal sac secretion from the hooded skunk, Mephitis macroura, showed the following seven major components comprised 99% of the volatiles in this secretion: (E)-2-butene-1-thiol, 3-methyl-1-butanethiol, S-(E)-2-butenyl thioacetate, S-3-methylbutenyl thioacetate, 2-phenylethanethiol, 2-methylquinoline, and 2-quinolinemethanethiol.

No Spray Live Skunk Trap Apparatus
“No Spray Live Skunk Trap Apparatus,” U.S. Patent 4,821,450, granted to W.D. Kenison of Pioche, Nevada, April 18, 1989. The inventor explains the superiority of his design over earlier kinds of skunk trap devices:

In those instances wherein an open wire framework comprises the trap housing, it does not require a vivid imagination to foresee the problems of even approaching the trapped skunk no less actually transporting the polecat from the location where the animal was actually captured.

As a consequence of the foregoing situation there has existed a longstanding need among individuals who are interested in trapping skunks at one location and releasing the animals unharmed at another location, for a live trap construction that will minimize to the greatest extent feasible the possibility of the trapper receiving an unwanted dosage of skunk essence. The provision of such a no spray live skunk trapping apparatus being the stated purpose and objective of the present invention.

W.D. Kenison’s 1989 design for a “no spray live skunk trap apparatus.”

BONUS: Skunk Silkworm Faeces Smell Factor
“On a Smell Factor Existing in Faeces From the Skunk Silkworm, Bombyx mori” [article in Japanese], Narumi Yoshitake, Masahiko Kobayashi, and Yoko Ogawa, Journal of Sericultural Science of Japan, vol. 47, no. 2, 1978, pp. 161–5


This article is republished with permission from the September-October 2010 issue of the Annals of Improbable Research.

You can download back issues of the magazine, or subscribe to receive future issues in pdf form. Or get a subscription for someone as a gift! Visit their website for more research that makes people LAUGH and then THINK.

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YANGON, Myanmar (AP) -- For generations, Rohingya Muslims have called Myanmar home. Now, in what appears to be a systematic purge, the minority ethnic group is, quite literally, being wiped off the map....
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ATHENS, Greece (AP) -- A tanker being used to pump oil from a sunken ship that is polluting the coastline around Greece's main port of Piraeus is to be replaced because its certificate of seaworthiness is expiring, Greek authorities said Tuesday....
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Leaving Academia

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Here is an essay about a professor leaving academia

I went to U of I.  There were parts of it that I enjoyed, and the culture wasn't that bad.  But I can see parallels.  For me it was more a matter of looking at the way education was going, and deciding not to get involved in public education as a teacher.  It was obviously going down the tubes, and that was decades ago; it's infinitely worse now.  So too, many colleges.  :/  I couldn't stop it.  I could sure get the hell out of the way.
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MADRID (AP) -- Spain's Interior Ministry says police have arrested a Pakistani man suspected of promoting terrorism and spreading Islamic jihadi propaganda on social media networks....
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Poem: "So Closely Allied"

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This poem is spillover from the February 2, 2016 Poetry Fishbowl. It was inspired by prompts from [ profile] my_partner_doug, [personal profile] wyld_dandelyon, and [personal profile] chanter_greenie. It also fills the "separation and reunion" square in my 1-23-16 card for the Valentines Bingo fest. This poem has been posted as a birthday present for [personal profile] callibr8. It belongs to the series Polychrome Heroics.

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TIJUANA, Mexico (AP) -- Jose Luis Millan found a new crop of star employees at an upscale Tijuana car wash where customers cross the border from the U.S. to pay up to $950 to have their prized possessions steamed and scrubbed for hours. They're never late, always hustle and come in on days off to learn new skills, traits that he says make them a model for their Mexican counterparts....
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JOHANNESBURG (AP) -- Oscar Pistorius faces another legal challenge when South Africa's Supreme Court of Appeal convenes Nov. 3 to hear arguments by state prosecutors that the former track star and convicted murderer should get more jail time....
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Here Comes the Sun

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Posted by Miss Cellania

As we approach the autumnal equinox on Friday, the Southern Hemisphere is approaching the spring equinox. Redditor sky-entist, an astronomer and photographer, watched the sunrise at the South Pole station in Antartica this morning and caught this image. He gave us the conditions:

Current temps are -62.2 °C, -80.0 °F. Flying time was eight hours from Christchurch to McMurdo and another three to pole, both in a ski-equipped Hercules aircraft.

If you recall, the sun moves in a spiral and skips around in a circle along the horizon as it rises and sets in Antarctica. Once it is up, it stays up for half a year, and when it sets, it's gone for months.  

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Dear Hannah! I daresay you would know best, but you do not show at all, are you entire sure you are with child?

La, Maurice, I can assure you that women – most of 'em - know the matter’s afoot. At least once they have already been about the business a time or two. One does hear tales of young girls that did not realize their state, and women at a certain time of life that supposed ‘twas the climacteric come to ‘em.

He began to drape stuff around her and take measurements. If we gather it thus - you see? – makes a pleasing effect and none would suspect what lies beneath.

Mind you do not make it too fine – I shall not be about giving speeches the while, and going to as few meetings as I may. But one may not eschew all company, and there is the matter of village gossip.

He looked at her. It was entire pleasing to see such a happy young woman in his fitting-room. So many of the ladies who came to him had some matter that troubled them, or were discontent by nature, and even a little flattery, and dressing them very well, did not entirely soothe their spirits.

You manage matters 'twixt the pair of you very well: how is Miss Ferraby?

Entire well. We are indeed fortunate. But 'tis agreeable to come to Town and see family and friends. But indeed, I should ask is all well with you – Lady Bexbury said you had been having some little trouble?

Quite resolved, he said, greatly hoping that he was not the subject of conversation over that lady’s supper-table.

She said somewhat to the effect that 'twas indeed good of you to see me now you have so much business come upon hand now 'tis all remedied.

Sure, you are family.

Why, I am daresay there are those among our connexion would not wish make that acknowledgement, was all known.

Maurice looked at their reflections in the pier-glass. Provided, he says, one does not flaunt, maintains a due discretion, so that it does not have to be openly spoke and known about –

Hannah’s eyes met his in the glass. She did not need to voice her understanding.

Some moments later, while she was putting on her accustomed garments, she said, but really I do not understand why people make such a bother about it. So unnecessary. Sure society is very cruel to unwed mothers and their offspring, but one may see that there is some reason – may not be a good or charitable reason, but if 'tis not the fear of the fathers about bringing scandal upon them, ‘tis the more general worry that they may come upon the parish and cause expense and raising of the rates. She sighed. And at least one may talk of that, and say that that harshness causes unhappy women to destroy their infants, and make arguments for more humane treatment. But when something may not even be talked of –

He patted her shoulder.

After she had left, he scribbled down a few notes and sketches for the gowns he would have made for her, and then told Miss Coggin, the head of the sewing-room, that he would be going out. Did not have any ladies coming for fittings the afternoon; did any come in hopes – vulgar creatures, murmured Miss Coggin – she might go take their measurements and requirements and ask 'em to return once they had been given appointments.

She pursed her lips in the way he knew meant that she would bring any ladies that did so to a fine appreciation of the consequence of the establishment.

He set off on a journey he did not particularly want to take, but was to undertake a prudent matter to dispatch. He took a hansom cab to some distance from his final destination: for although the tavern he sought was not precisely within the notorious rookery of Seven Dials, it was on its border. He picked his way fastidiously along the streets, keeping his walking stick in his hand in a manner that suggested it might serve as a weapon as well as a fashionable accoutrement.

From long habit he looked about before entering the place. But it was very unlikely anyone who might recognize him would see him here.

Enquiring as to whether Nat Barron was on the premises, he was directed by a jerk of the thumb into a back room.

Nat was there among various members of his gang. One of whom – presumably a new recruit – said, 'ere, oo’s the pooff: earning himself a smack or two about the head from Nat. Show some respect, Maurie may look the gent but he’s an old friend.

Nat Bannon and Maurice clasped one another’s shoulder, looked into one another’s faces, and then Nat motioned him to sit down, pouring him a glass of the gin he kept for himself.

Got somebody that needs warning off? he asked.

Maurice shook his head. I think word has got about after making a few examples.

For what had gained him the position he now enjoyed at the club was this connexion that enabled severe warning to be given to any that used knowledge gained there for the purposes of extortion. In return, Nat acquired the good feeling of fellows in high places that might well be useful to him did necessity arise. 'Twas entirely mutually beneficial.

Pity, said Nat, as you see there are one or two fellows here would be the better of some occupation to work off their feelings.

Maurice took a sip of gin, and disclosed to Nat the recent trouble he had had.

Oh, and you want us to show this spying fellow the error of his ways?

Why, it might gratify my feelings did you so – Nat smiled and shook his head and says, talks as good as a play – but I thought, a fellow that has a memory like that, might be of use to you.

Nat nodded slowly. A good thought. You always did have that long view.

Maurice shrugged. If a long view was considering that luring fellows into alleys so that Nat and his boys could rob them was an occupation with a rather short future and like to end badly for him, whereas obliging gentlemen in comfortable indoor surroundings was not only remunerative but provided him with considerable insight into gentlemanly habits and behaviour, yes, he took the long view: and the even longer view had been completing his articles of apprenticeship. But he also made sure to stay on Nat’s good side. Passed on any useful gossip he learned from ladies in the course of his day, and had constructed this very beneficial alliance 'twixt Nat and the club.

Sure he owed Nat a considerable debt for the protection that in younger days his friendship had afforded an undersized pretty boy disinclined to the usual boyish pursuits and happier to play with girls.

May not linger, he said, but thought you should know of the fellow as soon as might be, before goes completely to ground.

Maurice walked to where he might find a hansom cab and directed it to take him to his lodging. Once there, he washed himself very thoroughly with the very expensive soap, to get rid of any lingering stink of Seven Dials before he went to the club, where he was bidden to a committee meeting to consider upon new members.

Smoothing pomade into his hair, he had the unwanted memory of a larger hand stroking it in a fashion it was entirely foolish to suppose affectionate, rather than the pleasure one might take in stroking a fine purring cat.

But that was past and done.

At the club he was ushered into the committee room. It was ever gratifying to him, even if these marks of respect were founded upon those early connexions.

Sir Stockwell sat at the head of the table; Chumbell at the foot; Colonel Adams, late of Bengal and with the most fascinating stories of dancing boys; Sir Hartley Zellen, whose fine looks were becoming a little florid, and his hair thinning; Terence Offerton; Lord Saythingport, that had a wife, an established mistress, and had at one time offered Maurice an establishment.

Ah, good, Allard, said Sir Stockwell. Mysell-Monting cannot come, but we have a quorum, nonetheless. Now, the matter of fellows we may solicit to join our number –

Various names were put forward, of whom Maurice knew little but any public reputation they had. Some former comrade of Adams in the East; a scholar known to Chumbell – a Cambridge man, but nevertheless a sound fellow, very sound; a naval officer acquainted with Sir Stockwell; a couple of young fellows in Saythingport’s set –

Sir Hartley cleared his throat. Has not the time come to consider MacDonald? he said. Sure it would have been somewhat vulgar to approach him very shortly after Lord Raxdell’s dreadful demise, but ‘tis nigh two years ago that the accident happened. An excellent fellow.

Is he not, replied Saythingport, given out most exceeding radical in his views?

Why, said Sir Hartley, he is a philosopher and will throw out a deal of hypotheses, but our set have always found him sensible and practical.

Is he not, squeaked Chumbell in great excitement, considered something of a classical scholar?

I would know nothing of that, said Offerton, but has quite the cunningest hand at billiards, next after Jacob Samuels.

Why, said Sir Stockwell, as to his abilities in classical learning, I was late conversing with Admiral Knighton, that says that his lady wife, that is known for her most remarkable unwomanly capacities in that sphere, holds him in quite the highest esteem. Also considers him a very clever fellow himself, that has a particular knack for sounding out mysteries.

Maurice felt his face settle into a mask as of one considering these arguments. 'Twould be entire vulgar to blackball MacDonald, that had done him such great service in his own difficulty. But one might confide that Saythingport, and possibly Adams, would do so.

But, when the balls for each candidate were tallied, there were no black balls for MacDonald.

Maurice’s heart sank.

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DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) -- At Dubai's Black Tap restaurant, the Americana doesn't stop at the hamburgers cooking on the grill or hip hop pumping from the speakers. It's also being poured out, one pint at a time....
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Toons Discover Household Things

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Posted by Miss Cellania

Manik n Ratan is an artist in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Some his works are whimsical drawings of little people and little monsters that incorporate real-life household objects. The drawings are able to interact with the objects, which are oversized to them, in humorous ways, some that are different from the intended use of those objects.

See a collection of Manik n Ratan's hybrid drawings at Doodlers Anonymous. -via Nag on the Lake

Sep. 18th, 2017 11:14 pm

Poem: "Learning and Growing"

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This poem is spillover from the September 5, 2017 Poetry Fishbowl. It was inspired by prompts from [personal profile] sweet_sparrow, [personal profile] technoshaman, [personal profile] readera, [personal profile] gingicat, [personal profile] ari_the_dodecahedron, and [personal profile] librarygeek. It also fills the "vampires" square in my 1-1-17 card for the Dark Fantasy Bingo fest. This poem has been sponsored by [personal profile] janetmiles. It belongs to the series Frankenstein's Family.

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